Dexter, MO

Population: 7,841

Dexter City Hall

301 E. Stoddard 

Dexter, MO 63841


Dexter is geographically centered from four major cities, namely, St. Louis, Missouri; Little Rock, Arkansas; and Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee. Based on the 1990 census, Dexter’s population is 7,841. The population within a ten mile radius of Dexter is estimated to be 19,407.

Residents have numerous recreational opportunities with lakes, fishing, hunting, hiking, swimming pools, parks, tennis courts, racquetball courts, golf courses and country clubs. Including school playgrounds, Dexter has eight playgrounds and six parks. A number of organized activities take place on park property including swimming lessons, swim team, adult and youth softball and baseball leagues; along with youth football and soccer leagues.

The city government is operated very efficiently by a mayor and a board of six aldermen. Emergency services are a priority of the city which has an advanced and well-trained fire department. The police department operates with the latest in dispatch, police and emergency equipment. The Stoddard County Ambulance Service is located in Dexter with a staff of both paramedics and EMT’s. A county-wide E911 service with a full-time emergency management director answers any call for assistance quickly and efficiently.

Dexter has many assets of which its residents are proud: an outstanding school system, special services for its citizens such as the Dexter Senior Center and the Stoddard County Association for Retarded Citizens (ARC), various civic and business organizations, health care facilities and services, and transportation systems that include major highways, railways and the Dexter Municipal Airport.

Dexter’s Chamber of Commerce has listings of available commercial properties . Businesses in need of a new facility or who are looking to re-locate to the Dexter area should contact the Chamber at (573) 624-7458.

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