Industry / Agriculture

Many businesses and industries call Stoddard County “home.” In Stoddard County you’ll find a pro-business climate and an industrial development authority ready to assist you. You’ll find a good transportation system that links to St. Louis, Memphis, Chicago and Springfield. Lower land prices, a strong workforce, lower real estate taxes and a family-oriented lifestyle make Stoddard County an ideal location.

A variety of businesses, from manufacturers to processors, are located in Stoddard County. Additional employers include city and county governments, educational and medical facilities, as well as service organizations. A small portion of Stoddard County industries are shown below.


Stoddard County is one of the leading Missouri counties in agriculture production. Rich Delta farmland produces crops that include corn, soybeans, cotton, rice, milo, wheat, popcorn, melons and truck crops. Orchards produce plentiful harvests of peaches and apples. Stock farmers have many herds of beef and dairy cattle as well as other livestock.

County officials are aggressively pursuing value-added enterprises for Stoddard County agriculture.
Catfish farming is one of the fastest growing aquaculture businesses in this part of the country and Stoddard County is no exception. Flowers Fish Farms raises catfish from roe to fingerlings to pond stock. Other agri-businesses include Fancy Farm Popcorn Company that raises its product and ships nationwide, and Farmers Grain and Storage of Essex.